Back Pain Tips From a Minneapolis Chiropractor

A chiropractor is responsible for treating patients with neck, head, and back pains through spinal manipulations. Nevertheless, the best chiropractor will go the extra mile in ensuring their patients are less exposed to nerve and muscle pains. How does he/she do this? Instead of cracking your back every time you are ailing, your Minneapolis Chiropractor will advise you on the following guidelines that will keep you pain-free and maintain wellness.


Stretching in the morning determines how well your back will adjust to the activities you will engage in, all day long. A number of tips allow you to stay pain-free long before you even get out of bed.


Although sit-ups are essential exercises that strengthen your abdominals, doing them while you have back pains will only make the situation worse. Instead of traditional crunches, carry out plank exercises. This involves lying on your stomach and propping your body up with your hands and toes. While doing this, ensure your back is straight and hold that position for some time.

Similarly, side planks are employed to help strengthen your core. From the plank position, stretch either your hand out and rotate your body, such that you stretched out hand is facing upwards. Increase the time between reps and switch sides.


Pains and misalignments of the spine may be caused by pulling of the pelvis by hamstrings. This could be as a result of hamstrings getting locked from sitting for a long time. Stretching the hamstrings helps relieve the pressure on the pelvis. To do this, you are required to lie on your back and lift your leg upward slowly while keeping it straight. In addition, stretch the right leg over the left across the groin and vice versa. The stretches should be held for 90 second or longer.


Resist the temptation to cross your legs when you are seated in the office as this could exert unnecessary pressure on your back. Instead, sit upright and let your feet rest firmly on the ground. Also, to prevent straining your neck, raise your computer screen to the eye level angle.


A therapist would help relieve tension in the shoulders, neck, and jaws, especially for people with constant headaches. Massaging relieves tension in tightening muscles, ensuring no more pain. Refraining from clenching your teeth could also go a long way in reducing stress on the temporomandibular joint in the jaw.


The warnings given against slouching should be taken seriously, as this is a significant source of back pains. While working on your computer on your desk, sitting up straight will ease unnecessary pressure on your lower back. Slouching bends your back, thereby causing stress on your spinal cord. Your Minneapolis chiropractor may suggest that you exert pressure on the curve in your lower back instead. This is achieved by ensuring the materials you are working with (computer, keyboard) are square with your body. If you are using a laptop, hunching over it will do you more harm than good. You should instead put it on a desk.


Be active and move more for a more healthier back. This is the key to avoiding back pains that usually arise as a result of a prolonged stay in one position, whether you are seated or standing. Moving helps you stretch muscles and relax those that may have been strained from the activity being done. While working at your desk in the office, taking regular breaks to stretch and relax will help you reduce the risks of triggering back pains.

Observing the above- mentioned practices will definitely keep you from back pains at any given time. Most importantly, however, you should regularly visit a chiropractor for checkups whether you are in pain or not. As stated earlier, the chiropractor will not only relieve you of back pains, but also make recommendations for spine alignment and the proper functioning of the nervous system. Besides, your doctor can help you stave off the pain as well as assist you to maintain your balance and range of motion.

Chiropractor or Medical Doctor for Back Pain?

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