A South Minneapolis Chiropractor Explains Proper Posture and Chiropractic Care

A South Minneapolis Chiropractor Explains Proper Posture and Chiropractic Care

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It is heard many times that good posture is key to good health and well-being. We know poor posture when we see it develop because of bad habits carried out over years and it is very evident in many adults. Not very many people understand how important posture really is.

What is Posture?

Posture is the position in which we hold our bodies when we stand, sit, or lie down. "Good" posture is the correct alignment of our body parts supported by the right amount of muscle tension versus gravity. Without our posture and our muscles that control posture, we would just fall to the ground.

Typically, we do not think about how we keep normal posture because our bodies do this automatically. Many muscle groups, which include the hamstrings and large back muscles, are incredibly important in keeping good posture. Postural muscles also keep our posture and balance during movement.

Posture is Important

Having good posture helps in many areas as it helps us stand, walk, sit and lie in positions that place the least amount of strain on supporting muscles and ligaments during movement and activities that bear weight. Correct posture helps keep our bones and joints in correct alignment. Reduce stress on the ligaments holding the spinal joints together, allows muscles to work more efficiently, and helps prevent muscle strain and overuse disorders.

To help keep correct posture, you need to have enough muscle range of motion and strength, normal joint motion in the spine and other areas in your body, as well as enough postural muscles that are balanced on each side of the spine. Also, make sure to notice your own postural habits both at home and at work and act to correct them, if needed.

Symptoms and Conditions Due to Poor Posture

Having poor posture can lead to many symptoms and conditions that are not appealing. Poor posture can lead to too much strain on our postural muscles and can even cause them to relax when held in specific positions for an extended period of time.

Factors that are linked to poor posture include:

  • Stress
  • Obesity
  • Pregnancy
  • Weak postural muscles
  • Abnormally tight muscles
  • Wearing high-heeled shoes
  • Decreased range of motion
  • Poor working environment
  • Unhealthy sitting and standing habits created over time

Correcting Poor Posture

The good news is poor posture can be reversed, but it will take time depending on your flexibility and strength as well as how long you've had poor posture. Having conscious awareness of your own posture and knowing what posture is right will help you correct your posture on your own. With much practice and help from chiropractic care, the correct posture for standing, sitting and lying down will slowly replace your old posture.

Chiropractic care can help you with proper posture, which can include advising and creating exercise plans to help strengthen your core postural muscles while reducing your risk of injury.

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