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What is Stacking of Car Insurance?

Stacking simply means that if you have insurance on 2 or more vehicles you can combine the policies benefits to double or (possibly triple) the amount of coverage for Medical/Chiropractic benefits and Lost Wages.

Under the current MN no-fault benefits, when you are in an accident, regardless of who caused the accident, each car insurance policy provides $20,000 in Medical/Chiropractic services and up to $250 per week in lost wages (up to $20,000).

Stacking allows you to combine benefits on the policies of the 2 vehicles. Therefore, you would have $40,000 in Medical/Chiropractic coverage and $500 per week in lost wages (up to $40,000). If you had 3 cars you could stack all three to have $60,000 and $750 per week lost wage coverage.

Why is Stacking Important?

The current benefits of $20,000 Medical/Chiropractic and $250 per week in lost wages were established in 1970. A person that makes $10 per hour earns $400 per week.

Without the benefits of Stacking… we have literally seen patients and their families forced into bankruptcy .

Also…It is not uncommon that we have a patient who has incurred over $20,000 in medical bills before they even show up in our office. They ended up taking an ambulance to the Emergency room, had a couple head and neck scans, spent 1-2 days in the hospital for observation a few follow up visits to the Physical Therapist… and money is gone.

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