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Work Injury Prevention in Minneapolis

Work injuries are something that chiropractors treat on a regular basis. Neck and back pain, along with repetitive stress injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome are work injuries that chiropractors treat on a regular basis. Work injuries are injuries that are caused, or made worse by the working environment.

In Minnesota you have a limited window to seek treatment. While waiting to see if the discomfort will go away, you may miss your allowed timeframe. If there is any question in your mind, get checked out sooner rather than later.

Factors that contribute to work injuries include:

  • Repetitive, forceful, or prolonged exertion of the hands (ex. carpal tunnel)
  • Frequent and or improper lifting, pushing, pulling, or carrying of heavy objects (ex. low back pain)
  • Prolonged poor posture (ex. neck and back pain)
  • Overexertion
  • Falls
  • Blunt force trauma

Chiropractic care is very effective at treating these injuries and getting injured workers back on the job while minimizing the time and cost of disability. Chiropractors will help to relieve the pain from these injuries as well as treat the causes of these injuries to help prevent injuries in the future.

A few ways to avoid work injuries in the future include:

  • Use proper ergonomics. Set up your work station in a way that allows good posture and minimizes unnecessary pressure and demands on the body.
  • Use proper lifting techniques. When lifting anything on the job make sure to use proper form by lifting with your legs and not with your back.
  • Keeping your work space neat and organized. This will help with posture and lower the risk of slips and falls that may occur in a cluttered environment.
  • Chiropractic care is an excellent way to treat work injuries as chiropractic treats the cause and not just the symptoms. By keeping the body well aligned you can minimize the risk of further injuries.
  • Chiropractic care and therapeutic massage are generally fully covered by worker’s compensation should you experience an accident on the job.

If you have sustained a work injury don’t hesitate to get chiropractic treatment for your injury. Give us a call at 612-822-0149 and set up an appointment today!

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