Personal Injury in Minneapolis?

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Personal injuries in Minneapolis relate to any type of harm that comes from being in an accident or having an unfortunate mishap. Personal injury is different from workers comp in that personal injury is something that happens outside of work. There are many causes of personal injuries.

Personal Injury Causes in Minneapolis

Personal injury is another term for an injury that is the result of someone being hurt in a motor vehicle accident. This type of injury is covered under the Personal Injury Protection (PIP) part of your Auto Insurance. In Minnesota, all policies (even just liability) have this coverage. Of course, we all know that if we are driving our car and have an accident that would be covered. But, did you know there are several other scenarios in which you are covered?

Some commonly overlooked instances are:

  • As a passenger
  • When you don’t own a car (the state provides coverage)
  • If you are walking, rollerblading, biking etc. and are hit by wheeled vehicle
  • In a rental vehicle
  • An accident occurring out of the state or even in some other countries
  • While changing your flat tire…

The important thing is to get checked out and feeling better before a small injury or minor pain develops into something big. The longer you wait to get your first evaluation at Nokomis Chiropractic and Wellness, the more difficult it becomes to prove the cause.

All of these accidents can cause soft tissue damage or put the body out of alignment. Chiropractors in Minneapolis specialize in soft tissue injuries and in keeping the body in proper alignment. You should seek out a chiropractor as a way to reduce pain if you have sustained a personal injury. Towards the beginning of your treatment, when your pain is at its worst, you will likely see your chiropractor a few times a week. Over the course of your treatment the frequency of your visits will begin to decline until your pain and your injury improve and you no longer need to visit your chiropractor. If you have sustained a personal injury and are seeking chiropractic help give us a call at Nokomis Chiropractic and Wellness at 612-822-0149 to set up an appointment today.

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