Warm ups (6-9 min)

1. Maintain a strong tall posture at all times.
2. Do each movement for a minimum of 1 minute. Do not rush; go slow and stretch as far as you comfortably can.

If you just need a refresher on a certain movement, here is where you will find the starting point for each.

Spinal Molding/Fulcrum Cushions

1. Neck cushion- straight edge tight against shoulders.
2. Set a timer. The goal is 20 minutes. Start with 5 minutes. (Stop if too painful)
a. If 5 minutes is easy, add 1-2 minutes each day till you reach 20 minutes
b. If difficult, progress slowly and let the doctor know.
3. When you get off the cushions, do not try to sit directly up. Roll to the side then sit up.
4. Let us know when you can easily do the 20 Minutes.
5. NOTE…dogs and cats like to chew and claw on cushions.

Wobble Cushion

1. Use the cushion in a firm sturdy chair. A 5 gallon bucket works well for shorter legs.
2. Use in your work chair and when on the computer or any time you are seated for an extended period of time at home.

If any of these exercises cause any sort of discomfort, irritation or other adverse effects, stop the exercise and consult with the doctor.

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