Chiropractic Care For All Ages Minneapolis MN

Chiropractic Care For All Ages Minneapolis MN

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Feel Pain-Free With No Downtime

The recent warm weather has Minnesota residents eager to get outside and enjoy all that Minneapolis has to offer. We have beautiful lakes and parks with trails for biking, walking and jogging. Don’t let pain slow you down. Nokomis Chiropractic and Wellness& and Wellness is a Professional Chiropractic Clinic for all ages. We provide non-invasive treatments including Manual Adjustments, Massage Therapy and Laser Therapy. All are designed to get you back to feeling Pain Free and active with No Downtime.

Appropriate For All Ages

Chiropractic Care is appropriate for all ages, from infancy to twilight years. We have worked with many newborns over the last 24 years and our oldest practice member is 104 and has been coming in for around 20 years. Nokomis Chiropractic and Wellness& and Wellness provides a thorough diagnostic evaluation to determine the best treatment plan for each individual. We will let you know if you are a good candidate for Manual Adjustments or perhaps Infrared Laser Therapy or Massage Therapy. Each therapy that we offer is painless and noninvasive.

Preventative Healthcare

Many patients first try chiropractic care following an injury or episode of lower back pain. However, chiropractic is widely used as an effective preventative healthcare measure. People of any age can experience a spinal misalignment that results in pain, illness, injury or decreased athletic performance. All of which may be resolved with regular chiropractic care.

Manual Adjustments For Children

Starting with the birth process your body is constantly put into positions that can cause physical problems. Manual Adjustments can be gently administered to very young children. Research has linked conditions such as ear infections, respiratory problems and colds to diminished nerve function due to a misalignment in the neck or spine. At Nokomis Chiropractic and Wellness we successfully treat many children and adolescents at our Minneapolis, MN clinic.

Massage Therapy

Older children and young adults can benefit from Chiropractic Treatments for sports injuries and improved athletic performance. This very active age puts people into situations where repetitive use can cause pain and soreness. Massage Therapy is a great way to resolve muscle tightness and joint stiffness with No Downtime. Benefits of massage also include reduced stress and improved immune function.

Laser Therapy Treatments

Health conditions including Carpal Tunnel, Arthritis, Migraine Headaches, Sprains and Strains could all benefit from Laser Therapy. This innovative therapy utilizes a low level light to penetrate the skin and cause cellular reaction. Healing effects include reduced inflammation, improved circulation, reduced pain and faster healing times. The treatment process is Pain Free and Safe.

Professional Chiropractic Clinic

Nokomis Chiropractic and Wellness& and Wellness champions health goals for people of All Ages. We provide therapeutic solutions that can help you be physically active while remaining Pain Free with No Downtime. Visit our Minneapolis, MN Professional Chiropractic Clinic for an evaluation to determine which therapy provides the best solution for your individual condition. We provide Manual Adjustments, Massage Therapy and Laser Therapy for patients from infancy to older adults.

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