Chronic Pain Treatment Minneapolis MN

Chronic Pain Treatment Minneapolis MN

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Corrective Healthcare for Pain Relief

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Chronic Pain differs from Acute Pain in that it persists for weeks, months or years. Chronic Pain Conditions can be the result of an Injury, Serious Infection, Genetics, Arthritis, TMJ, Fibromyalgia and other health problems. In Minneapolis, MN, chronic pain sufferers can receive multiple treatment methods at Nokomis Chiropractic and Wellness& and Wellness. We provide Corrective Healthcare that can result in Pain Relief and improved mobility. Patients at our Minneapolis and Wellness Center are given individualized treatment plans to address individual conditions.

Determining Best and Most Effective Treatment Method

The Nokomis Chiropractic and Wellness& and Wellness, Minneapolis and Wellness Center provides multiple treatment methods to relieve pain, increase range of motion and improve mobility. We start by evaluating your health problems to determine the best and most effective treatment method for your individual condition. You can help by filling out an online health history prior to your first visit. Digital X-rays may be taken depending on your specific condition. A therapy plan can then be implemented.

Multiple Treatment Methods

After an evaluation of your condition has been completed your therapeutic treatments can begin. At Nokomis Chiropractic and Wellness, we provide a unique chiropractic approach that encompasses Multiple Treatment Methods. Tried and true hands-on therapies may be combined with state-of-the-art technologies to provide you with optimal Pain Relief.

Your Individualized Corrective Healthcare Techniques may include:

Chiropractic Adjustments
Massage Therapy
Custom Fit Orthotics
Ergonomic Counseling
Cold Laser Therapy
Rehabilitative Exercises
Quality Supplements
Relaxation Techniques
Electric Muscle Stimulation

Stimulate Your Body’s Natural Healing Ability

Considering the wide range of conditions that can result in Chronic Pain it is important to seek treatment that suits your individual needs. Chiropractic Care stimulates the body’s own healing ability. Through natural therapy techniques patients can Reduce Chronic Pain and lead a more active lifestyle without worry of dangerous side effects.

When is the right time to get checked by a chiropractor?

There are 3 Phases of Chiropractic Care

  • Relief Care-When your body is functioning at limited capacity and you have pain, stiffness, limited range of motion, trouble sleeping or anything that is less than optional.
  • Corrective Care-When you are no longer suffering but still not structurally as good as you could be.
  • and Wellness Care- When your systems are functioning up to their fullest ability and you want to keep it that way.

Minneapolis and Wellness Center

Nokomis Chiropractic and Wellness& and Wellness is an innovative Minneapolis and Wellness Center that focuses on the individual needs of our patients. We treat both Acute and Chronic Pain Conditions with multiple treatment techniques. Our clinic provides Corrective Healthcare as well as ongoing and Wellness Treatments for lifelong improved health. Pain Relief is just one of the many benefits of Chiropractic Care at Nokomis Chiropractic and Wellness& and Wellness.

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