Doctor With A Heart Month

Chiropractor Minneapolis MN Jonathan Olson With Team Heart Month

Doctor With A Heart Month
February 1st - 28th

Helping the Homeless & Hungry in our Community by Teaming up with "Sharing & Caring Hands"

New Patient Special Offer

In exchange for a $25 donation to Sharing & Caring Hands you get...

  • New Patient Consultation*
  • Examination
  • X-Rays (If Necessary)
  • And 1st Adjustment

Nokomis Chiropractic will match the $25 donation of the first 20 New Patients.
*Some Restrictions Apply

Sharing & Caring Hands is a compassionate response to the needs of the poor. They are set up to be a safety-net organization to help with whatever needs are not being met.

They provide a host of services, including food, clothing, shelter, transportation assistance, medical and dental help, and much more to the over 20,000 people who come through their doors each month. Over $400,000 is spent every month on the needs of the poor.

Sharing & Caring Hands provides these with dignity while affirming God’s love for all people regardless of the circumstances. They reaffirm the self-worth of each individual and assist in that person reaching his or her greatest potential.

Sharing & Caring Hands stands as an emotional anchor and a beacon of hope to those who are alone, afraid, or in need.