Dr. Olsons Confession

Dr. Olsons Confession

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Dr. Jonathon Olson shares why he became a chiropractor

I used to think that

was a bunch of “BS” and Quackery…. No Joking!

Have you ever mentioned the word Chiropractor to a friend or family member… only to have them tell you that they do not believe in Chiropractic, that they think it is just a bunch of B.S. or that Chiropractors are a bunch of “quacks”? .... well I used to be one of “those” people.

During my freshman year at Hamline University, I was a Pre-Med/Biology major and there was a guy on our floor who was also getting his biology degree so he could go to Chiropractic School and become a Chiropractor. I distinctly remember making a comment that I thought that Chiropractic was B.S. and that Chiropractors were “quacks”, not “real” doctors.

Here’s the ridiculous thing about me doing that! Growing up, no one in my family had ever gone to a Chiropractor… like most people with prejudice, I actually had no first or even second hand knowledge about Chiropractic, but I was totally convinced about my prejudice opinion.

Where did I get my prejudice opinion? In a future e-mail we will explain how the prejudice against Chiropractic actually started. (hint…it did not happen by accident)

Fast forward 30 plus years later…. Here I am one of those “quack” Chiropractors… and very proud about it and proud about what we do in our office.

How did I get from “quack” to Chiropractor?

That same freshman year, I met a girl …. (My wife of 30 years) Jenny.

Jenny’s uncle Scott just happened to be a Chiropractor in Prescott WI. I went to Scott's office one day where he explained what Chiropractic was, and even more importantly what Chiropractic wasn’t.

I spent a day watching him treat dozens of patients, young and old, with problems that no other form of health care had been able to help… all without the use of drugs or surgery.

I was also impressed by the fact that many of his patients had been coming to see him for years and Scott and his patients had conversations that were more like two friends than the typical impersonal, 30 second, Doctor-Patient conversation.

After experiencing Chiropractic first hand, I knew immediately that I wanted to be a Chiropractor.

So what did Dr. Scott explain to me about what Chiropractic REALLY is….and what Chiropractic REALLY isn’t… that changed my prejudice against Chiropractic and actually made me want to become a Chiropractor myself? That is an explanation for another day so be sure and check back.

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