Exercise for your BRAIN

Exercise for your BRAIN

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That’s right; exercise is not only for building a big physique to show off on your next vacay. Exercise plays a vital role in brain health as well. So much so that you may even be able to re-grow some new cells to make up for the ones you lost during your college frat days.

When you exercise, it stimulates your body to release some very important proteins that have a huge effect on your brain health and overall health.

So not to bore you with all of the science, along with names of these proteins that, let’s face it no one can even pronounce. I will just give you all the juicy stuff. When you exercise the proteins that are activated help you with a number of things that range from metabolism control to growing new brain cells and the cells that power them. This is huge! By exercising you can control your metabolism which means you will be able to control how fast or slow you burn calories. This is a huge help for anyone trying to lose or maintain their weight.

Also when you hit the gym to get a pump in you also grow new brain cells. Yes you read that. You can grow new stronger brain cells, and the cells that power them! How cool is that?! Your body not only grows new cells it also will get rid of weak or damaged cells so they will not harm your health. Now by growing new stronger cells and eliminating the weak ones this gives you more energy, less likely to fall ill, or fall victim to disorders such as cancers, and things like Parkinson’s or even depression. Exercise has been found to be at least as effective for helping depression as medication. People have actually called these proteins “Miracle-Gro for the brain”

What is amazing is that something that is as simple and available to everyone like exercise can help build new brain cells, simply amazing.

So if you are interested in losing weight, growing more brain cells, having amazing energy, and less likely to fall to things like diabetes, cancers, and Parkinson’s…lets hit the gym.

All exercise is not created equal. You want quality over quantity. We will get into that next time.

I am going for a pump.

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