How to Naturally Manage your Pain as You grow Older…Minneapolis Chiropractor

How to Naturally Manage your Pain as You grow Older...Minneapolis Chiropractor

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As we grow older, our bodies need a bit more tender-loving-care than when we were younger. Many people are leaning towards a holistic and natural approach to caring for those minor or major aches and pains.

Research has shown the effectiveness of chiropractic care in patients who are older. With age, multiple aches and pains tend to follow closely behind. Unfortunately studies indicate older patients have more back pain than younger adults yet they are less likely to search for treatment options.

As you grow older, you don't have to give up and just assume back pain is something that you have to deal with. The good news is: Chiropractic care and physical therapy can, in most cases help. Chiropractic care is a safe and effective way to care for mild to severe back pain in older adults. Studies have shown chiropractic care can aid in healing the back, neck, and joint pain stemming from osteoarthritis. Chiropractic care and physical therapy can also help older patients suffering from dizziness, scoliosis, and spinal degeneration.

Chiropractic is a great stand-alone treatment or as a compliment to physical therapy, nutritional planning, and medical procedures. Multiple studies have proven that older patients completing daily physical activities observed less pain-related disability. By focusing on improving balance and strength, physical therapy and chiropractic care can help lower the risk of falls and accidents.

Studies have also shown that people with a well balanced nutritional plan and the use of any necessary dietary supplements have found help with overall physical stability which may prevent falls and reduce the injuries from accidents. Your Chiropractor can help you tailor a nutritional plan with your treatment so you can easily make the right choices for your body.

Chiropractic care is far more than just treating acute and chronic pain. It is about overall health and wellness of the body, no matter what age. As a patient, you will have access to an integrated environment helping you combine and coordinate medical, chiropractic, and physical therapy. In our office we use the Pettibon approach which incorporates many aspects of physical therapy both in the clinic and through home exercises.

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