Insurance Accepted Minneapolis Chiropractic Care

Insurance Accepted Minneapolis Chiropractic Care

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Are you experiencing significant pain that just will not seem to stay away? Relying on pain relief medication is only a temporary solution, and it doesn’t do anything to help heal your body. More and more individuals are looking towards a holistic approach centered around chiropractic care. If you are looking for a licensed chiropractor around Minneapolis, MN, that accepts insurance plans, Nokomis Chiropractic and Wellness& and Wellness may quickly become your best friend thanks to our expertise and knowledge within the chiropractic field. The majority of our services are considered in-network, which helps you save money on your visits throughout the year!

Insurance Providers Our Minneapolis Chiropractic Clinic will Accept:

When you come to Nokomis Chiropractic and Wellness& and Wellness for your first visit, be sure to bring your insurance card and photo ID with you so we can do a benefits check.

Some of the Insurance Providers that our Chiropractic Clinic accepts but are not limited to include:

  • Blue Cross & Blue Shield
  • Medica
  • Medicare
  • Minnesota Health Care Programs
  • Patient Choice-Insights
  • SelectCare
  • LaborCare
  • United Healthcare
  • Aetna
  • Great-West Healthcare
  • MedRisk

How to Save Money After Insurance

Utilizing us as your in-network chiropractic provider reduces the cost of your treatments, however it does not necessarily cover them 100%. Other ways to save money on your chiropractic expenses include using the following reimbursement plans:

  • Flexible Spending Account - Also known as an FSA, this is a pre-tax reimbursement plan that you may be eligible for through your employer. This allows you to set aside money pre-tax out of your paycheck, and allows you to get reimbursed for eligible medical expenses such as chiropractic care and therapeutic massage for you and your family. As of 2015,only $500 can be carried forward for use in future years.
  • Health Savings Account - For those individuals enrolled in a high deductible health plan, you often times are offered an HSA to go along with your plan. This savings account allows you to set aside funds for medical expenses which are not subject to federal income tax at the point in time they are deposited into your account. Any funds not used in the calendar year will roll over to the following years until you retire and they become an IRA type account.

At Nokomis Chiropractic and Wellness& and Wellness, your health is our number one concern. Don’t be hesitant to receive holistic treatment because you are not sure if your insurance will cover the expenses and there are cost effective cash options available as well. If you work or live in Minneapolis, Richfield, Edina or Bloomington, give us a call today at (612) 822-0149 to get the initial insurance paperwork started promptly!

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