Massage Therapy Minneapolis MN

Massage Therapy Minneapolis MN

massage therapy minneapolis

Massage is a hands-on, relaxing way to get relief from the stresses of almost every aspect of life. From work related tension to that ache in your shoulder; a good massage will offer some much needed relief. Massage therapy is also used as a means of recovery. If you’re in the Minneapolis, MN area and are in search of a soothing, yet beneficial therapeutic massage session, Nokomis Chiropractic and WellnessClinic has your answer.

Massage Expert

Though it may feel good to get a massage from a significant other, it will feel nothing like one from a trained massage therapist. To unwind and ease tension – the techniques used by a professional massage therapist will differ immensely from theirs. Our highly trained and fully licensed massage therapists have intricately studied the human body and understand the proper techniques that induce a truly therapeutic massage. Our professional massage therapists work at the soft tissue, with the correct amount of pressure to relive and release strain and refresh your overall well-being.

Types of Professional Massages offered:

  • Swedish Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Sports Massage
  • Trigger Point Massage

Massage Relief

All of our massages are therapeutic in nature and your individual circumstances are taken into account during the first consultation. Whether you know exactly the massage you want or you’re not sure of what method would work best for you, we can help you decide which will benefit you the most.

  • If you’re purely wanting some time to yourself away from the kids and busy lifestyle- a Swedish Massage may be what you need to refresh and re-energize your spirit.
  • Maybe you’re a little more overrun. Life is hectic and you’re feeling years older than you should- a Deep Tissue Massage will give you that needed comfort and refreshment but with deeper pressure. It’s also been known to lower blood pressure.
  • You’re an athlete and you’ve got no down-time. Whether you’re a professional, personal trainer or an everyday fitness junky- our Sports Massages can reduce any pain or fatigue you’ve been experiencing as a result of your highly active lifestyle.
  • Is your whole body off? Can you feel where it’s coming from? Does it feel like there’s a boulder under your skin? If so, you’ll most likely benefit from our Trigger Point Massage. If muscles get tight enough or knotted enough they will start a ‘domino effect’ and influence other areas of the body. If your pain started from your back, then you noticed your shoulder having issues, maybe even leading to your elbow- a Trigger Point Massage may be exactly the therapy for you.

Massage Therapy Minneapolis MN

These suggestions are all general and cannot determine the exact massage technique that’s best for you. When you come in for your appointment, we’ll tailor your exact needs to the therapeutic massage you receive. Whether it’s a headache, shoulder pain, neck strain or just your need for relaxation- Call Nokomis Chiropractic and Wellness& and Wellness today at 621-822-0149!

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