Phase 1 in Minneapolis

Ball Rolling

  • Sit on the floor with knees bent
  • Place the Y-Roller at the middle of your back
  • Use your legs to move your body over the roller from your low-mid back to your shoulders
  • Roll back and forth 5 times (followed by the Chest/Pec Strech)

Chest/Pec Stretch

  • Wither roller between shoulder blades and your bottom on the groud
  • Lay over the top of the roller with head back and arms/hands at 90 Degrees
  • Stretch Chest/Pecs for 15-20 seconds

Neck Massage

  • Laying on your back with knees bent
  • Place one of the raised ridges under one side of the neck
  • Using the weight of your head and movement of your head to massage the tight neck muscles
  • IF you have a smaller neck try and target one side then the other
  • 15-20 seconds 1-2 times

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