The Biggest Public Health Experiment Ever

The Biggest Public Health Experiment Ever

public health experiment

A New documentary series called Vaccines Revealed was released starting Jan 10th and runs until Jan 19th. It is a FREE 9-episode series available only online. Each episode is only available for only 24 hours.

Nokomis Chiropractic has, in the past, avoided proactively discussing the issue of Vaccinations because of how volatile the subject is, like politics and religion

That was up until NOW… for 2 reasons:

Children: America’s children are being vaccinated every day and dying because of it…. And adults are dying and being permanently injured by the flu shot.
Scientific Proof: Because up until NOW…. The books, videos and material published and widely promoted on the topic of Vaccinations lacked the complete Scientific evidence necessary to help parents, general public and other health care professionals make a truly informed decision on the topic.
Vaccines Reveals includes great research and interviews with:

Medical doctors-including an ER doctor who witnessed parents bringing in their dying baby after receiving a MMR shot earlier that same day.

CDC researchers- who actually did the research and are now admitting to the lies and cover ups.

MIT PhD researcher- who, after looking at the data, would never recommend getting a vaccination.

PhD Microbiologist researcher and father of a vaccine damaged 18 year old-learn about his battle with the government and the vaccine compensation fund that has paid out over 2 Billion dollars to families of dead and damaged children since 1980’s..

Sorry about the late notice about the series, However….

The reason that I waited until till Episode 8 to tell you about the Vaccines Revealed series was that I wanted to watch enough of the series to have vetted out the research and know that this information was truthful, accurate and worth your time.

Warning: Watching Vaccine Revealed will make you angry and question how our own government could do this to our children and to us. It reminds me of how the Tobacco industry knew that cigarettes caused cancer but hide the truth for decades and medical doctors in the 50’s used to actually promote cigarettes as being good for you. (Yes, that really happened)

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