“Spring Into Wellness” Trivia Questions 2021

Spring into Wellness Trivia Questions 2021

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A state of optimal physical, mental and social well-being; not merely the absence of pain or symptoms.

Your Nervous System

The chiropractic term for when the vertebrae is out of alignment, causing loss of motion and pressure on the nerves that control the body …  leading to a lower level of health.

  1. Relief Care (pain and symptoms)
  2. Corrective Care (strengthening and stabilizing)
  3. Wellness/Maintenance Care (optimal function)

Wellness.  Why.. because of genetics, old injuries, computer/technology posture and stresses of life… cause subluxations. The body works best when the spine is flexible and not putting added pressure on the nerves.

Yes… because most people work indoors and sunscreen can block the rays that make Vit D in the body.

The intelligence from “mother nature” that you and all living organisms are born with.

It is the autopilot computer that runs the functions of the body to keep it in balance (called homeostasis) without you having to think about it. (i.e. how your body heals a cut, makes your heart beat, or digests your food)

(Research from Yale found that an impact of only 8.2 mph can cause long term tissue damage (arthritis and disc injury) and that symptoms (headaches, neck pain or sciatica) many times do not occur for weeks, months and sometime even years after an accident.

Sunscreens with synthetic chemicals (paraben and phthalates).

Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide

Sleeping better, less stress and depression, more energy, fewer colds, more focus, better posture…ect.

Every two weeks… the staff at Nokomis usually get adjusted every week.

Americans account for 75% of all the medications taken in the world? ... even though the United States is only 5% of the World’s population.

However, Yoga is our favorite for overall flexibility, core strength and mental relaxation

Introductory 1-Hour Massage is only $59. (Introductory offer is $69 for non-patients)

D-Hist and Vitamin C

Lowered state of immune resistance

Vit D, Calcium/Magnesium, Fish oil, Probiotics and a Multi-vitamin

We use a unique blend of Chiropractic adjustments and Rehab exercises to get long term correction.

Type II Diabetes

152 lbs