Custom Fit Orthotics Minneapolis MN

Custom Fit Orthotics Minneapolis MN

custom orthotics minneapolis

If you or someone you know has ever experienced foot pain let me help you understand the importance of Custom fit orthotics. If someone’s foot or feet are in pain, their whole day is going to be less than fun. We need our feet to get through our work days and our play days. What happens when your feet hurt so much you can’t function? It puts an end to working and playing and anything in between. It all starts with balance. If your feet are not balanced and subsequently supported in the way they should be when directly on the ground, it is going to cause foot pain and all kinds of other problems along the kinetic chain from toes to skull. Are you wondering if there is anything that can be done about it? With the latest orthotic technology, there most certainly is. Custom fit orthotics in Minneapolis MN from a leading provider such as Nokomis Chiropractic and Wellness& and Wellness can help you get back on your feet, comfortably.

Taking care of your feet in Minneapolis, MN

With cold winters in Minneapolis, Minnesota, taking care of one’s skin and feet should be top on the list of personal care musts. In addition to making sure they are warm, it is important to keep your feet healthy in other ways too. Custom fit orthotics can address issues such as bunions, corn, calluses and hammer toe.


What is Gaitscan™? Gaitscan™ is technology that measures both your standing and walking foot function. It tells our doctors where you are putting pressure and how you roll thru each step. Gone are the days when the best you could do was make a mold of your footstep and hope for the best.

Custom Foot Analysis

With every Gaitscan™ test, a custom foot analysis is generated. When combined with your pelvic x-rays and a visual exam, the doctor will develop the orthotic inserts needed to correct the underlying situation. Each custom insert or shoe is then further designed for the purpose or use. For instance your foot has different needs in a high heeled shoe than a ski boot and they are both different from a running shoe which is different from …

Happy Feet in Minneapolis, MN

Wouldn’t it be nice to go from sad feet to happy feet in Minneapolis, MN? That can be done by combining today’s modern technologies such as Gaitscan™ with the doctor’s full body analysis and custom designed and fit Orthotics from Nokomis Chiropractic and Wellness& and Wellness. Make an appointment today by giving us a call at 612-822-0149.

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