Stress Relief Minneapolis MN

Stress Relief Minneapolis MN

stress relief minneapolis

Has it been a week to end all weeks and you are wound tighter than a drum? When those types of weeks happen, and they do happen for many of us, it is time to get some relief that is healthy, healing and holistic. Often the best thing people can do for themselves is to make an appointment for a professional massage. Stress relief for Minneapolis, MN residents from Nokomis Chiropractic and Wellness& and Wellness can provide the much-needed relief from life's everyday problems.

If you have never had a massage, you are way over due. The massage atmosphere at our Minneapolis MN Chiropractic & and Wellness office is calm and soothing and the techniques are healing and refreshing.

What to expect your first Massage?

We have heard some people say that they are nervous about getting a massage because it is such a personal thing. Let’s face it, you enter a room and take off some of or all of your clothes for a stranger. It really doesn’t get much more personal that that. In reality, the masseuse leaves the room so you can disrobe as much as you are comfortable with and only in the areas where you are being treated. You are given a towel or towels to cover up with and the masseuse will always knock before they re-enter to make sure you are comfortable. At Nokomis Chiropractic and Wellnesswe have both a male and a female on staff so please make sure you ask when you are scheduling if you have a preference. It really isn’t as bad as most imagine.

What kind of massage should you get?

There are different types of massages but all of them done at Nokomis Chiropractic and Wellness are therapeutic in nature. You and the Licensed Certified Massage Therapist will decide together how to best address your needs. A common healing massage is a deep tissue massage and is exactly what it sounds like. The masseuse goes really deep into your muscles. It is great stress relief for the muscles and at the same time toxins are released into the body so you may feel tired and achy for a day or so. A person should drink plenty of water to help rid the body of these toxins after a deep tissue massage.

Massages in Minneapolis, MN

There are many reputable massage providers in Minneapolis, MN. One of the main things to look for in a good masseuse is that they explain relaxation techniques during the massage, show their customers how to breathe correctly and are able to point out all the trigger points that help to provide relief and stress. A high quality massage provider should also offer a variety of different massage types to fit your needs.

Nokomis Chiropractic and Wellness& and Wellness is a leading Minneapolis, MN Chiropractic provider. Not only can we handle all of your Chiropractic needs, but we also have a full service wellness team that can handle all of your massage needs. Most often massages done at our clinic qualify as a tax deductible medical expense or can be paid for with HSA or Flex Spending dollars.

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