Massage Therapy Minneapolis

Massage Therapy Minneapolis

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Nokomis Chiropractic and WellnessCare serves Minneapolis residents with a full range of chiropractic medicine, including prescriptions for massage therapy as needed. With Nokomis Massage Center located in the same building, it is often convenient to combine the two for amazing results. Nokomis is uniquely qualified to help you with all of your chiropractic needs. If you believe you can benefit from massage therapy, make an appointment with Nokomis Chiropractic. Some people are simply looking for chiropractic adjustment to maintain healthy posture and balance in life, while others are seeking relief from work-related injuries, car accidents, or other significant physical traumas. Nokomis offers excellent service in each of these areas, and adding massage therapy to chiropractic adjustments can be an excellent way to find relief from your health issues.

High Quality Massage At Reduced Rate

Through an agreement with Nokomis Massage & and Wellness, our practice members now receive high quality therapeutic massages at a reduced rate. You can take advantage of their introductory offer and check out the massage club options. You can also contact Nokomis to get a sense of the wide range of services offered. The staff emphasizes the well-being of its patients, and you will feel that immediately. Once you find yourself in the care of the Nokomis staff, you will understand the value of a good massage and an excellent chiropractic adjustment. By having your massage therapist and your doctor both in the same building it makes their communication about how best to help you easy. The professionals on staff work to help you get through stressful times and recover from minor injuries and major traumas. Massage therapy can be an important component in a larger health plan as you work to recover from whatever issues are present in your life.

In the literal and figurative hands of the Nokomis massage therapists, you will feel your stress melt away. Your treatment plan will be created in conjunction with the staff, who will identify the best possible response to the areas that are most affected. Massage therapy can be an important—and sometimes an essential—component in an overall health plan. If you have suffered a major injury or trauma, massage therapy can help you recover faster. If you simply like the periodic relief from the day-to-day stress that builds up in normal, everyday life, massage therapy can be more than just an indulgence—it can be a key ingredient in your health maintenance plan.

Pain Relief And Healing

Nokomis Chiropractic and Wellnessis expert in chiropractic care and knowing how to incorporate massage. The staff are well trained, and more importantly, they truly care about using their training to help people who need the benefits of massage therapy. No matter what your motivation, health issues, and needs are, massage therapy from Nokomis Chiropractic and Wellnessof Minneapolis, MN will be a great decision for you. Call (612) 822-0149 for more information or to make an appointment.

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