Why I immediately wanted to become a Chiropractor once I learned what Chiropractic really is.

Whiplash Pain Relief MinneapolisWhy I immediately wanted to become a Chiropractor once I learned what Chiropractic really is.

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Why I immediately wanted to become a Chiropractor once I learned what Chiropractic really is.

Most people don’t know it, but I was pre-med in college and used to be skeptical of Chiropractic. I thought that it was a bunch of B.S and that Chiropractors were “quacks”, not real doctors… that was until I actually met a Chiropractor who explained to me what Chiropractic really is…Here is what I learned.

Chiropractic Is the Most Common Sense Approach to Health!

It is simple and based on…

The science of how the body really works and understanding health.
An understanding of what illness, disease and symptoms really are.
A natural treatment approach that addresses the real cause of most health problems.
A comprehensive natural approach to health care, that also recognizes the need for medical intervention, drugs and surgery in certain situations.
The Science of How the Body Really Works and Understanding Health

The Body is made up of
75 trillion cells.

The Brain controls and coordinates all 75 trillion cells.
The Brain communicates with the body by sending messages through the spine and nervous system.
Proper nerve flow and Healthy Cells, Tissues and Organs leads to NORMAL Function.
Normal Function leads to HEALTH
Illness, Disease, Symptoms and Pain are simply the Lack of Health…just like darkness is simply a lack of light.

Stress (Physical, Chemical and Emotional) breaks down cells, tissues, organs and systems over time…and along with.
Interference to the normal nerve flow causes DYS-Function.
DYS-Function leads to a Lack of Health.
Understanding How Your Spine Affects Your Health

Chiropractic Focuses on Finding and Correcting Subluxations because…

When the Spine becomes Subluxated (Mis-aligned) 2 things happen that lead to DYS-Function

1. Abnormal Nerve Function which causes:


Pinched Nerves



Changes in Organ Function

2. Abnormal Motion which causes:

Limited Motion/Stiffness

Disc herniation

Spinal degeneration and arthritis

Common Conditions (symptoms) Caused by Subluxations… and Helped by Chiropractic...because Chirorpactic helps to restore Normal Function

Chiropractic, a Natural Treatment Approach that Addresses the Real Cause of Most Health Problems… DYS-Function

A Comprehensive Natural Approach to Health Care, That Also Recognizes the Need for Medical Intervention, Drugs and Surgeries, in Certain Situations. ….it’s just “Common Sense”

When Drugs and Surgery should be the 1st choice of Treatment

Life Threatening Crisis

10% of medical care is for crisis intervention… in which case the United States has the best medical system in the world.

Limitation of Matter

Sometimes, body parts are simply damaged or worn out...and need to be repaired, taken out or replaced.

When Drugs and Surgery should be used in conjunction with Natural Chiropractic to help the body restore normal function so it can return to health.

Temporary- pain relief, inflammation reduction and fighting infections.

Failure of the body’s own ability- to produce, control or regulate correctly.

i.e. diabetes, thyroid and heart problems

When Chiropractic should be the 1st Choice of Treatment

Any time the health problem is not a Life Threatening Crisis… because:

More effective- 90% of health care problems are chronic in nature. Drugs generally only treat the symptom not the real cause of most problems… lack of normal function.

Safest form of Health care- Thousands of people die every year from the side effects of Drugs and Surgery. Chiropractic puts nothing in and takes nothing out… you can always try drugs or surgery if the natural approaches don’t work.

Cheaper and cost effective- You can generally get a life time of maintenance Chiropractic care for the cost of a low back surgery.

………. It’s the Simplest, Most Common Sense Approach to Health Care.

Now you know the reason I became a Chiropractor once I learned what it really is.
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