Natural Health Care Minneapolis MN

Natural Health Care Minneapolis MN

natural health chiropractor minneapolis

Non-Surgical Approach To Healing

Natural Health Care is naturally healthy for the whole family. At Nokomis Chiropractic and Wellness we offer hands-on health care techniques that are noninvasive and safe. Through experienced chiropractic care we give patients a Non Surgical Approach to healing from injuries without pharmaceuticals. Services provided at our Minneapolis, MN clinic include Spinal Adjustments, Massage Therapy, Custom Fit Orthotics, Low Level Laser, and Exercises.

Promotes Self Rehabilitative Healing

The human body was made to heal itself naturally. Chiropractic Care utilizes all-natural techniques that improve a body’s structural makeup and encourages self rehabilitative healing. Each therapeutic procedure has its own merits and benefits. Together these hands-on healthcare techniques can treat a wide range of medical issues.

Natural Healthcare Methods

  • Spinal Manipulation – this hands-on health care technique is commonly used to correct spinal misalignment, reduce pain, increase range of motion and contribute to improved whole body health
  • Massage Therapy – our certified massage therapist are experienced in a variety of massage techniques for reducing muscle tension and stiffness, relaxation and stress reduction
  • Nutritional Assessment – we look at specific recommendations on a healthy diet and high quality nutritional supplements based on what your body needs
  • Low Level Laser – accelerates the natural healing process when infrared light passes through the layers of skin and penetrates cells. It is helpful for reducing pain and swelling for chronic soft tissue injuries
  • Special Exercises – gentle exercises before and after spinal adjustments and at home help to relax and strengthen muscles for a longer lasting result
  • Custom Orthotics – corrects foot imbalance to provide functional body support and reduce pain and increase performance

    Hands-On Healthcare Techniques

    Nokomis Chiropractic and Wellness& and Wellness utilizes and integrative and Non-Surgical Approach to health care. Our Licensed Chiropractors and Certified Massage Therapists provide professional hands-on healthcare techniques including Chiropractic Care, Massage, Low Level Laser and Custom Fit Orthotics. We combine years of experience with cutting edge technology at our Minneapolis, MN clinic.

Call Nokomis Chiropractic and Wellness& and Wellness for an appointment at 612-822-0149. We are in-network for most insurance companies and are here to help!

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