Texting and Back Pain

Texting and Back Pain

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When you think about all of the potential dangers associated with texting, what may come to mind first is the danger of texting while driving, or the negative impact of looking at your smartphone on your eyesight. One other potential problem that can arise from spending hours a day texting and emailing on your smartphone is an increased risk of back pain. At Nokomis Chiropractic and Wellness& and Wellness in Minneapolis we’re seeing more cases of practice members complaining about back pain that can actually be attributed to poor texting posture.

Problematic Texting Posture

There are many things that can cause back pain, and many people do not realize how much time they are spending each day looking at their small (even the big ones are still small) smartphone screens. And, it is nearly impossible to look at your screen without bending your neck downward to get the best possible view. In fact, researchers estimate that the average American spends somewhere between 2-4 hours each day looking at their phone screens with their necks bent. This can contribute to putting unnecessary pressure on your cervical spine, leading to pain and excessive wear and tear on that area of your body.

Consider this -- your head weighs anywhere between 8-12 lbs. When you bend your neck, your head actually becomes even heavier and puts additional pressure on your spine. Titling your head even subtly (15 degrees, for example) puts an estimated 27 pounds of pressure on your spine. Ultimately, over time this can lead to the need for medical intervention and possibly, in some cases, even surgery.

What Can You Do?

Using correct and straight posture minimizes the additional impact on your spine. So, being mindful of your posture while you walk, sit and use your cell phone is one thing that you can do to keep your back pain to a minimum. If you are currently feeling back pain in your upper spine or at the base of your neck, you may wish to seek therapeutic options for this back pain.

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