Too Much – How to Say Yes to More

Too Much - How to Say Yes to More

by: Nokomis Chiropractic and Wellness

People today are increasingly busy. We fill our days with tasks and events only to look back at the blur of activity and wonder what we really accomplished.

So you are probably wondering how you could possibly say yes to yet another thing when your days are already so crunched for time.

The idea of "more" relates to quality rather than quantity, in this case. By saying yes to more activities that fulfill you, build you up and promote well being you'll find that you are suddenly able to look back on your day and say that you truly made positive strides.

And in that process you'll also find that filling your day with these positive things starts to squeeze out some of the things that aren't necessarily helping you achieve your goals.

Here are some examples...rather than trying to limit the "junk food" that you eat, say yes to more fruits and vegetables. By reaching for an apple the next time you want a snack you won't end up eating a handful of chips instead.

Make time in your day to practice mindfulness. It can be something like meditation, deep breathing or tapping...even just sitting down and reading a book. Start small and build up to more. You'll quickly find that you are spending less time zoning out in front of the TV.

When it comes to our social interactions, whatever they may look like with everything going on, make an effort to say yes to the ones that build you up. Seek out the friends and family that make you laugh and smile and let the time you spend with them start to push out the less healthy relationships.

And remember that chiropractic is also about bringing more into your life...more balance, more resilience to the things that break you down and more quality days feeling great.

So shift your focus to saying yes to more quality (not quantity) and you'll start to notice that you feel different at the end of the day. More accomplished. More fulfilled. More the person you truly want to be!