Week 1 – Health

Week 1 - Health

30th Annual November Food Drive at Nokomis Chiropractic & Wellness

We kick off our 30 Days of Gratitude with our Health Trivia Game

When patients come into the office, they will get tickets for a chance to win one of 45 prizes in our prize drawing on November 30th.

We will also be sharing:

  • Why having Optimal Health is so important and what to do to get it.
  • How Chiropractic helps those in pain and helps people have optimal health
  • How living a life of Gratitude helps both your Physical and Emotional Health

Everyone wins with our FREE “Gift of Health” Evaluation.  New Patients get their initial exam, consultation, x-rays (as needed) and their first adjustment at the doctor’s expense when they make a donation ($20 suggested) to the VEAP food shelf. We will even match the $20 for the first 20 people who take advantage of this offer.