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sore back minneapolis

Sore Back Doctor

Sore Back Doctor The possible causes of a sore back are nearly infinite. A sore back can occur because of overuse and fatigue, or because of a car accident, a fall from a ladder, a bad mattress and everything in between. And, while there are instances in which back pain will go away entirely on…

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exercise on beach

Exercise for your BRAIN

Exercise for your BRAIN That’s right; exercise is not only for building a big physique to show off on your next vacay. Exercise plays a vital role in brain health as well. So much so that you may even be able to re-grow some new cells to make up for the ones you lost during…

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tennis elbow help minneapolis

Tennis Elbow

Tennis Elbow Tennis elbow may sound like a benign problem experienced by weekend warriors, but if you have ever had it, you know just how painful it can be. Tennis elbow is a type of tendonitis characterized by pain in the elbow and arm. You can get tennis elbow even if you do not play…

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pinched nerve minneapolis

Pinched Nerve Doctor

Pinched Nerve Doctor A pinched nerve occurs when there is “compression” or pressure on a nerve. This can occur from the result of repetitive motions, trauma or it may happen from holding your body in one position for long periods, such as sleeping awkwardly or sitting for prolonged periods of time. These are common injuries…

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sports injury minneapolis

Sports Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation

Sports Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation In South Minneapolis, sports are a big part of the lives of children, teens, and even adults. Playing sports gives individuals a way to channel their energy, relax, stay in shape and enjoy some competitive battles on the field or court. While you may tough-it-out during a game, some injuries…

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sports doctor minneapolis

Sports Doctor Near Me

Sports Doctor Near Me Playing sports not only keeps you active, but it is a wonderful way to reduce stress and take your mind off of the hustle and bustle that we call life! Whether you prefer to spend your time out on a field, court, or on the links, it is important that you…

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